Our friendly and professional Honolulu, Hawaii attorneys develop case specific legal strategies, based on our individual client’s circumstances and focus on obtaining the best result for our clients in the most cost-efficient manner. We handle all types of issues regarding debts owed to lenders and creditors, allowing you to focus on your family’s welfare, while we aggressively defend and protect your assets.

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Affinity Law Group is simply the best. The attorneys are very knowledgeable and gave me personalize attention throughout the entire legal representation. I will highly recommend and continue to refer this law firm to others. - A.O.
My first business venture I started didn’t go so well and I was in too much debt and couldn’t get out. As a business person, I did my due diligence and decided to hire Affinity Law Group. They helped me start fresh and now with the experience from my previous business I have two successful business. Thanks Affinity Law Group. - A.S.
The morning my house was to be foreclosed, I hired Affinity Law Group, and of course represented me in filing for bankruptcy protection. Because Affinity Law Group stopped the foreclosure of my home, I had a second chance to modify my loan. I am now paying much less on a monthly basis and the lender has agreed to waive much of the late fees and arrears. - A.O.
The attorneys at the Affinity Law Group are so friendly and very knowledgeable. I was drowning in so much debt, it was causing me a lot of stress. After meeting with Mr. Cho, I felt so relieved and he took care of the rest. They really saved my life by getting rid of the unbearable stress. - A. & F.R.
Wow. What can I say. I have dealt with many lawyers in my life but this is the best law firm ever. The lawyers are not only intelligent and know what they are doing, but also very down to earth and down right easy to talk to. I cannot say enough about them. They are the best. - A.K.
I was referred to Affinity Law by my friend who has also used them. Before I hired Affinity Law, I was being garnished for about a year. Affinity Law was able to immediately stop the garnishment and also was able to assist me in retrieving some of the garnishment. I wish I knew them a year earlier. - A. & J.C.
Just had a nasty divorce and was supporting three children. Although I made decent income, supporting three kids on my own and paying off old credit card bills was way too much. My friend suggested I visit Affinity Law. After my visit, a ton of stress was lifted from my shoulders. I was able get rid of more than $70k of pre-divorce debt. - B.Y.
Got into a really bad car accident and only had minimum health insurance. After insurance paid its portion, I still owed more than $100,000.00 in hospital bills. Queens Medical Center was able to fix me up. Affinity Law Group was able to fix up my debt. Thanks Affinity. - B.G.
I owned a franchise which was doing very poorly. The attorneys at Affinity Law Group devised a strategic plan of exiting the business and maximizing my assets. I am grateful I met Affinity Law Group. I would not have been able to deal with this alone. - B. & Z.K.
I am so glad I was referred to Affinity Law Group. Although I reside in the neighbor island, the lawyers at Affinity Law Group were able to assist me. They filed for bankruptcy for me and got rid of my second mortgage, which was more than $100,000.00. Thank you Affinity. - B.C.
Thank you Affinity Law. Because of you, I was able to save my primary residence from foreclosure and now received a loan modification with a 2% interest rate and dropped my payments down more than 40%. I am so happy. Thank you. - C.M.
I called several places and also went to the free consultations. After visiting three different bankruptcy law firms, Affinity Law Group was the best. They did not pressure me and whenever I meet with my attorney, he always gives me undivided attention. I am so glad I choose this firm. - E.& E.D.
This is simply the best law firm. I have several friends who used different law firms to assist them with their bankruptcy cases. Unlike their cases, the attorneys at Affinity Law Group will exclusively work on your case. You do not need to worry about a paralegal working on your case. From start to finish, you will only communicate with your lawyer and he will do all the work himself. If I am paying for legal services, I would rather have an attorney working on my case rather than have them pass it to a non attorney. - J.P.
The attorneys at Affinity Law Group are very passionate of assisting people get out of their financial problems. They are full of energy and I assure that they will represent you to the full extent. - E.Y.
My house was in foreclosure and the law firm of Affinity Law Group represented us in Circuit Court and defended the mortgage and was able to save our property by settling and lowering my monthly mortgage payments and principal balance. Without their help, I would have lost my property. - E. & V.C.
I love this law firm. The attorneys here are young and aggressive and very personable. I am normally afraid to speak to lawyers, but the attorneys at Affinity Law are friendly and always there to help. They always return my phone calls and always have time to speak to me to assist. Highly recommended - F.G.
I am a senior citizen but due to the amount of credit card debts I had, I thought I was forced to work for the rest of my life. Fortunately my granddaughter referred me to this law firm, I was able to retire and get rid of all of my credit card debts. Prior to meeting Mr. Cho, I was really depressed, but now I feel free and relieved. This is one of the best decisions I made. - G.A.
My house was wrongfully foreclosed by the lender and the deed was transferred to a third party bidder. Affinity Law Group filed suit against the lender and the third party bidder and is aggressively defending my case and trying to get my property back to me. - G.I.
I known this law firm since 2007 and I still contact them if I need legal assistance. The attorneys here are very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. We refer everyone who needs assistant to them. - J. & A.C
Both my husband and I had two full time jobs trying to pay our credit card bills but was still struggling and could not make all our monthly credit card payments. My attorney at Affinity Law Group was able to stop the creditors from harassing me and got rid of my debts. - J.P.
I believe I am pretty savvy when it comes to researching. After speaking with several different law firms, I choose Affinity Law. They were the most patient and most friendly of the rest. Also, not once did I feel pressured and always explained to me so I can understand what my options are. After exploring my different options, they would further discuss to allow me to make the right choice. - K.A.
I went to Affinity Law Group to get my family out of this financial disaster. Raymond was able get rid of all of my mine and my husband’s credit card debt. Also, he was able to allow me to lower my monthly payments on my mortgage. Our family is forever grateful. - H. & K.O.
I went to several law firms and all would tell me what I need to do. Sell my house. However, Affinity Law Group listened to what I wanted to do and he was able to find a solution to allow me to keep my home. Thank you. - L. & V.G.
My husband recently had a heart attack and was unable to work for more than 6 months and therefore unable to pay our mortgage and credit card bills. Affinity Law Group assisted us in filing for bankruptcy and did their best to help us stay in our residence and ultimately save our home from being foreclosed. - L. & L.T.
Prior to meeting with Mr. Cho, I was really scared and did not know what to do. After speaking with him, he explained to me the whole process and assisted me in getting out of a bad situation. I am grateful for all he has done and referred my friends and families who are in financial trouble to them. - M. & T.R.
I got scammed by a mortgage rescue company in California and my house got foreclosed. I hired Affinity Law Group during the eviction process and they have stop the eviction by getting the case dismissed. They are currently assisting me fighting my mortgage company. - A.& M.D
I have a loan with a local bank and attempted to modify my home by myself. The local bank told me that they do not do loan modifications. I hired Affinity Law Group and they filed for bankruptcy relief and forced the local bank to modify my home loan. Thank you very much. - N. & L.P.
I ran a multi-million dollar business, but due to the economy, I ended up with enormous amount of debt which was simply paralyzing me. Affinity Law Group was able to resolve my financial problems and allowed me to restart my life. - R.Q.
I’ve called and seen many lawyers and took me a while to find the right one. I wish Affinity Law Group existed 5 years ago because I needed to file for bankruptcy 5 years ago but just couldn’t afford it. Affinity Law Group accepted a payment plan that I could afford and I was now finally able restart my financial life. - R.B.
Due to a bad business venture, the creditor sued me and put a lien on my house and levied my bank account of more than $9,000.00. Affinity Law Group was not only able get rid of the judgment lien on my primary residence, he was able to force the creditor to return the entire amount taken from my bank account. I am very fortunate I was referred to him. - S.F.
I am very fortunate to have meet Affinity Law Group. I was referred to Mr. Cho by a friend and he helped me with my personal injury case. Affinity Law Group was able to get me more than the big personal injury firm said they can get me. The attorney at Affinity Law gave me the personalized attention and explained everything to me and allowed me to make my decision. He got me what I needed to move on and I thank him. - S.B.
I really love this firm. I was referred to Affinity Law from couple of my friends. I had a dispute with my condo Association and he referred to me an outstanding attorney. Now I am suing my Condo Association for the wrongful acts committed by it and its all thanks to Affinity Law Group. - T.B.
I worked with a debt consolidation company and they told me that as long as I make a monthly payment of $500.00 to them, I have nothing to worry. Well after a year, I got sued by one of my credit card companies and when I tried to call the company that suppose to help me, they told me this is normal and to ignore and continue to pay them the $500.00 monthly payment. After I found out that I got scammed, I contacted Affinity Law Group and they were able get me into a real consolidation and I only pay 250.00 a month. No one is bothering me. - T. & E.B.
Very great law firm. Works very hard and aggressive in fighting on your behalf and at a very reasonable rate. They also do installment plans that can fit anyone’s budget, including mines. - V.C.
My case was rather difficult, however, I was able to depend on my attorney at Affinity Law Group. I did my researched and spoke with many attorneys. After speaking and meeting with the attorneys at Affinity Law Group, I had the confidence that this was the law firm that could assist me in filing for bankruptcy. Of course I was right and he was able diligently prepare and represent us and I was able to discharge my entire debt. Also, based on the complexity of my case, Affinity Law Group quoted me the best price. If you want the job done right the first time at a reasonable fee, this is the firm. - D. & D.D
I had about $300,000.00 in debt and Affinity Law Group help me get rid of my entire debt and let me start fresh. I am now back on my feet and doing quite well. I could have not gotten out of this financial mess without them. - P.B.
Affinity Law Group was not only able get rid of the judgment lien on my primary residence, he was able to force the creditor to return the entire amount taken from my bank account. I am very pleased. - R.M.