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Filing Personal And Business Bankruptcy In Hawaii

The personal and business bankruptcy attorneys at the Affinity Law Group, LLLC are familiar with the steps for filing chapter 7, chapter 13 and/or chapter 11 bankruptcy for individuals or businesses in need of debt relief and offer valuable legal advice to those in need.

Steps For Filing Bankruptcy


First find an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can explain the various procedures and outline your rights and options.


Based on your decision, you – along with your attorney – decide what assets you can protect using the “exemptions” allowed within your control.


25 to 40 days after your filing date, you will be assigned a meeting date to meet with a trustee. For more information, please contact us for a confidential, in-person, no obligation consultation.


 Attorneys at Affinity Law Group, LLLC can assist you and provide you advice as to which chapter to file under the Bankruptcy Code – Chapter 711, or 13. It is important to talk to your attorney to figure out which type is best for your individual situation. Bankruptcy is covered by federal law, but individual states have different rules and regulations and it is important you are familiar with the laws in Hawaii.


You then must collect, prepare, and file all necessary documents with the bankruptcy court. Affinity Law Group, LLLC is a full service law firm and the attorneys will assist you every step and do all the work for you during our representation.


In a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, approximately 60 – 90 days after the meeting with the Chapter 7 Trustee, you should receive an order of discharge from the Bankruptcy Court. This means that you have met all of the requirements of the bankruptcy regulations and all debts prior to filing are erased.

It is important for those about to file bankruptcy to be familiar with the overall process. Contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as the Affinity Law Group in Hawaii for a more in-depth look into your personal bankruptcy situation. We can be reached by email or by calling (808) 545-4600 for a confidential free no obligation consultation. You have nothing to lose and will know your rights and options.

Affinity Law Group, LLLC is a full service debt resolution law firm and one of the areas of our practice of law is to provide debt relief by filing for bankruptcy relief under chapter 7, chapter 13 and/or chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Steps for Filing Bankuptcy

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