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At Affinity Law Group, LLLC we take great pride in providing specialized advice in the following areas of debt resolution. We take a supportive and individualized approach, keeping you at the center of the process and ensuring the interests of you and your family are at the forefront of our minds. Whether resolving your debt is relatively simple or complicated, we have the skills necessary to guide you through it and help you resolve your legal issues.
Foreclosure Defense

Bankruptcy Protection

Whether needing a law firm to represent you in a simple no-asset Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing to a relatively more complicated Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing to the more complicated reorganization through Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, attorneys at Affinity Law Group, LLLC take a cost-efficient approach to representing you, allowing you an affordable yet effective and aggressive representation.

Foreclosure Defense

In order for the lender to take your home, it must file a complaint for foreclosure and have it served on you. Thereafter, you have 20 days to respond or the lender may file an entry of default and proceed with the foreclosure of your home. From our experience, foreclosure defense is a very complex process. Real property laws and foreclosure procedures are state specific and it is highly recommended that you seek legal representation from a licensed attorney, licensed to practice law in your state. Affinity Law Group, LLLC is a local law firm with licensed attorneys, licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii. We have assisted many homeowners throughout Hawaii in aggressively defending foreclosure actions and have effectively and successfully settled foreclosure litigation, allowing them to keep their homes with payment plans that are reasonable and affordable for them.

Foreclosure Defense
Foreclosure Defense

Wrongful Foreclosure

We represent Hawaii consumers in suing banks that used unfair and deceptive foreclosure practices to take our clients homes away. Since 2012, we have also joined forces with other experienced Hawaii law firms to pursue class action cases against the banks for their misconduct.

Loan Modification

We have successfully helped many homeowners navigate through the difficult and emotional process of modifying their loans and avoiding foreclosure. Furthermore the advantage of retaining Affinity Law Group, LLLC is clear. In the event the lender denies your loan modification application and initiates foreclosure action, as a foreclosure defense attorney, licensed to practice law in the state of Hawaii, we have the experience and knowledge to defend your legal rights as a borrower and homeowner and can continue to assist in aggressively defending you in pursuit of negotiating an out of court settlement to lower your mortgage payments.

Foreclosure Defense
Foreclosure Defense

Debt Settlement

We aggressively represent our clients using their legal strengths and negotiate with the creditors to reduce our clients’ underlying debt, allowing our client to resolve settling their debts at a fraction of the costs without resorting to filing for bankruptcy protection.

Business Formation

We assist clients in forming new businesses. When starting a new business, one of the most significant decisions you must make is determining the type of business entity structure to employ. The decision you make can have significant tax and legal liability implications for your business. Hawaii law provides several options, and the attorneys at The Affinity Law Group will explain the differences inherent in each option in clear and understandable terms and work with you to determine the appropriate type of entity for your new business venture.

Foreclosure Defense

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