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Loan modification


The Affinity Law Group serves as an aggressive advocate for consumers facing economic difficulties. We are here to provide assistance to consumers who are facing foreclosure and confronted with other economic hardships.

When you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are unable to work out a loan modification with your current services, we can assist. We have helped many homeowners navigate through this difficult and emotional process and successfully modified their loans to avoid foreclosure. Although this law firm will use its best efforts to accomplish a successful loan modification without a foreclosure complaint being filed, your lender does have the right to initiate foreclosure action if you are in default of your loan. In the event, your lender decides to foreclose instead of providing you a loan modification, this law firm will assist in aggressively defending the foreclosure action and assist in negotiating with the lender and its counsel an out-of-court settlement to modify the terms of your loan, which are affordable for you and your family.

As foreclosure defense attorneys, licensed to practice law in the state of Hawaii, we have the experience and knowledge in dealing with your lender in assisting you to lower your mortgage payment through a loan modification agreement and at the same time preserve your rights as a borrower and owner in the event your lender decides to be difficult. Please feel free to click link below to read articles published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser illustrating our zealous legal representation of Hawaii homeowners.

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